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Building a Bass Effects Pedal: Five Knob Compressor

Recently my bandmate Shaun from Electric Villain got me hooked on building bass effects pedals.  I was pretty intimidated at first but it turns out it’s not so bad and is actually really fun, likely due to the IKEA Effect.  There … Continue reading

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Grub error: symbol not found: ‘grub_divmod64_full’

After fighting to upgrade my system from Debian Squeeze (Stable) to Wheezy (Testing), I thought I was finally in the free and clear once I had installed all of the packages so I rebooted.  After taking a YouTube break, I … Continue reading

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Could not perform immediate configuration on ‘default-jre’

Recently I decided to move a Linux VM I have for running some servers to a recently replaced box that used to be my gaming rig.  I decided to run Debian Squeeze (Stable) since, well, it’s stable. After a week … Continue reading

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Life Goal Accomplished!

Do you have any life goals? I bet you do. I think each of us has a set of ultimate goals and desires we’d love to some day achieve.  Some are realistic like someday owning a house or raising a … Continue reading

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