The Adventures of Dorian Few

As some of you know, I’m the bassist in a band called Dorian Blu which is a cover band of all sorts of rock music.

This past Friday we played at Issaquah Art Walk with the other Kaleidoscope School of Music rock class bands which is the program that spawned our band. At this show we were down a keyboardist and guitarist, hence Dorian Few in the title.

The second band apparently rocked out a little bit too hard because after their set the power went out. We scrambled to check the outlet figuring we blew a fuse but it turned out to be a wider issue than just us. Ultimately we found a streetlight with an outlet that happened to be on a different circuit and so we ran the extension cord and the next band played without a problem.

Eventually we were up. We got about halfway through the set and were in the middle of Spirit of Radio by Rush and our singer was about to sing, “All this machinery making modern music…” when the machinery failed to do just that and the power went out again.  After the band paused for a moment a few of us kept playing (albeit with much less volume than moments prior) for humorous effect before stopping.

When this amazing lyrical timing was pointed out to me I was so amused that I didn’t mind too much that the show had just come to a screeching halt. Luckily that second power outage was likely the power company cutting all of the power as they finished repairing whatever it was that caused the whole outage bringing the whole area back on a few minutes later. We only ended up having to cut one song which was already pre-determined to be cut if we were running behind schedule anyway.

Hopefully in the future our machinery will continue making modern music at the appropriate times.  Or maybe we should just start bringing a generator along with us…


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