Life Goal Accomplished!

Do you have any life goals? I bet you do. I think each of us has a set of ultimate goals and desires we’d love to some day achieve.  Some are realistic like someday owning a house or raising a family.  Others are a bit more of a stretch like becoming a world-famous musician or movie star.  And others are nearly impossible like travelling to space or flying without any kind of apparatus providing lift.

I like to choose and reassess my life goals based on what I think I can actually achieve even if it’s a stretch, and once I realize something is truly out of my reach I justify not pursuing it anymore so I can avoid the disappointment that would come along later in life by not having done it.  Overall this process has kept me pretty happy and has motivated me to get stuff done.  Because of my personality I find myself switching life goals almost weekly, re-prioritizing what I want out of life and how to get there, but that’s not what this story’s about.

Despite all of that, there’s one goal that’s held steadfast and true.  Ever since I was young I’ve wanted this.  For a while I was pretty helpless to make any progress towards it due to circumstances out of my control.  It was frustrating but I got a little taste of it every once and a while to keep my appetite strong.  Once I got to college I had a bit more flexibility and power to make moves to achieve my goal, although even still it seemed year after year I wasn’t going very far and for my last three years I pretty much stayed put.

It was post-college when I moved to Seattle that things really started to get interesting and I made some serious progress.

My first year out here I was so crazed adjusting to my new life and being across the country from my family and friends that my life goal progress remained a bit stagnant.  The following year when I got an apartment in the city I moved closer than I had ever before but still didn’t quite make it.  This entire time I continued to have occasions where I could practically taste victory but it was always just out of reach.  Sadly, our move to a house the following year took me further away from my goal.  It was great to have roommates and be in a house but there was definitely an emptiness inside knowing this life goal of mine was slipping ever further into the distance.

And then suddenly and enexpectedly it happened.  I mean, it wasn’t sudden like I woke up and it had happened, but like I definitely didn’t see it coming a few months ago.  After all of this time, I finally did it this weekend.  I achieved one of my life goals.  It’ll actually seem quite simple if you step back and think about it, and you’ll wonder why didn’t I just do it sooner.  But it’s not that simple.  There are always a lot of other factors to consider.

But as of this past Saturday…

I now live across the street from a 7-Eleven and can finally, within minutes, get Slurpees WHENEVER. I. WANT.

Hmm, I think I’m starting to feel a bit thirsty.  I should go remedy that.


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